To reduce the size of a Scratch 3 project

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Scratch has a theoretical limit of 318Gb, but with a limitation to the size of assets (costumes, backgrounds and sounds) of 10Mb each and the project file json to 5Mb

Here the specifications directly from the Scratch website

In Scratch, you can use vector images ( svg ) or bitmap ( .png or .jpg )

WAV and MP3 formats are supported for sounds.

Scratch offers the ability to direct directly from its graphical interface sounds to include in the project, and this is where one of his Achilles heels hides.

In fact the director file is in audio WAVE format, Microsoft PCM, 16 bit, mono 48000 Hz, which occupies 5Mb/min, this limits, theoretically, the length of the audio to only 2 minutes

Obviously it’s not a problem, just make more recordings and launch them below

The real problem, however, lies in the final dimension of the project, in fact it is common to see in school records, or in students’ PCs, immense, unnecessarily immense Scratch files.

The solution consists of 4 parts:

  1. Extract sb3 project content using a Zip program
  2. Convert .wav files to .mp3 and remove .wav files (keeping the same names)
  3. Open the project.json file and replace the .wav extension with .mp3
  4. Recreate a .sb3 zip file

If you don’t have time and want a click&go solution to reduce your Scratch files, you can use this free page, which will do the dirty work in your place.